valentine for my valentine

In a previous post on my desk was a little teaser of this valentine for my husband. It was inspired by our weimaraner, Gimli, who was our original baby, before our real human baby. So it is a little tribute to him too since he has been replaced as numero uno around here! I still (a week after valentine's day) have not figured out what to do with it. I just gave it to my husband like a valentine's card. Maybe one day I'll decide to frame it, make into a bag or pillow or ??? any ideas?
I have been working with felt a lot lately. It is such an easy medium to work with! No raveling of seams, it is so forgiving and comes in great colors! And bonus--the kind I bought at JoAnns is even made with post consumer water bottles!

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  1. Oooh, make it into a pillow! That way you can use it on a prominent placej (sofa/master bedroom) each Valentine's season...then, during the other times of the year, just zip up a cover over it to blend in with your normal decor.


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