birds birds everywhere!

I don't know why birds have become a favorite of mine for crafting lately. I do not have a real fondness for birds, really. They deposit things on my car, they squawk early in the morning, and as a child we had a few cockatiels and they sure made a mess with their bird seed. However, I have been drawn to them of late. Perhaps because "bird" was one of my son's first words (although he refuses to say the word now, and prefers to call everything "that" and wants mommy or daddy to tell him what it is he is pointing to. He is fascinated by birds and has a terribly sharp eye! He can spot a bird a mile away in the sky! He also has the sweetest little high pitched "tweet tweet" when asked what a bird says. Heart warming, indeed.

I saw a cute little birdie on Saltwater Kids blog and it inspired me to make this from the same template as my valentines' birdies.

So I decided to make a bird mobile for him. Then I ended up making one for the guest room where my craft nest is located.
As you can see in this photo, I used invisible thread to hang the branch. After some experimenting with floral wire, I decided to use the invisible thread (from Ikea) to secure the birdies to their perches as well and this worked superbly!
Then I made another! What to do with all these birdies on branches? Give them away of course. I posted on Facebook that I had a birdie mobile to giveaway and I would have a random drawing for it.Since I was busily making more birds, I had several to give away and since only two people responded-they each got one!

But in the meantime, I decided to embellish them a little once I saw these adorable little felt roses on our hartbeat. I could not resist them! It is perfect since both ladies that requested the birdie mobiles have little baby girls.
I love how this one has a sweet little seed pod hanging from it!

Hope you enjoyed the little birdies!

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  1. I love all your "stick crafts". Really beautiful. Don't be put off the natural wood blocks because you don't have a table saw, they could totally be done with a handsaw.



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