button pin cushion

While working on my little felt birdies, I needed to have a handy place to put my needles since I was using a needle wheel which was does not accommodate threaded needles. I turned to my trusty felt again. I just happened to have the same pink and green colors as my craft nest. I just needed to come up with a shape. I thought of a dog, a mouse, a pig...no, i just can not poke needles into an animal--too weird! I needed an inanimate object to model my pin cushion after. And a button it was!
It is reminiscent of sewing, so it seemed the perfect fit. I traced a jar that was sitting on my desk as the circle for the the larger light green circle and also the darker green ring around the outside of the button. I just freehand cut the inside of the darker green circle to expose the lighter green felt. I sewed them together with my trusty invisible Ikea thread (I've had this thread for at least 4 years and just now started using it--now I want to buy some more!).
Next, I freehand cut some bright pink circles for the button holes and sewed them on and voila! A pin/needle cushion for all those wayward needles!

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  1. Love your button pincushion ! It is featuring in my Button Wednesday post of this week: http://kraplap.blogspot.com/2011/05/button-wednesday-button-pincushions.html . Enjoy !!


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