box = playhouse

Today I took on the long-awaited task of clearing out the under-the-stairs-closet which has sat plumb-full and untouched since we moved in over a year and a half ago (go ahead, gasp, I did as I typed this!). I was able to empty three large boxes. Since any hint of a craft project can derail any cleaning plans I have, I got right down to the business of making a playhouse for my son.
One of the other boxes from the closet was a receptacle for stuff for the thrift store. I had a bunch of contact plastic in there that had seen better days, but was still very usable. I yanked it out and used it to cover the door, cut out the letters for "H-O-M-E" and made a "frame" for inside the house.
I also got to use up some of my not-so-loved scrapbooking paper for details like the flowers, tree and birds.
I used the Home Depot design as my guide for the window shutters. I decided to not cover them in contact plastic for the sake of time. I just edged them with dotted tape.
I took two of my son's star shaped blocks and a shoestring and made door knobs for the inside and outside of the door. However, as you can see, my son decided he preferred the peep hole as a handle.
Pup tried to get in too, but he is too big. I think he was sad because he kept trying to get in there - and he misses his crate which we never set back up when we moved into this house.
All in all, a quick project--less than an hour--taking photos included. AND it was made from all junk I already had that was headed to the trash (except for the star blocks which I will take off when it is time for the garbage can).


  1. Its cutest... and truly TRASH TO TREASURE, hope he like it and love his mother's effort...

    please check it may you find something interesting there..Love

  2. How knew 3 boy could fit in to one tiny house! Our boys so enjoyed your craftyness! I still haven't made a house for them, but I will one day...


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