shower gifts

This weekend I went to my high school friend, Abbey's shower for her 2nd baby girl. Since she is crafty herself, I thought she may enjoy some homemade gifts. I made her a bird mobile (can't get enough of these) and a recycled mooshy belly bunny which I learned to make from Chez Beeper Bebe. (I made a monkey too, in this same fashion, which is not as cute for my son. But it still needs one ear sewed on. Not sure if he will make it to the blog...stay tuned).
I used my son's old receiving blanket (the recycled part) since I love the print so much. It is an Amy Coe blanket. Here is my little sweet pea laying on the blanket when he was itty bitty teeny weeny.
 I may make some more of these if I ever get around to it. It turned out very cute!
This time for the bird mobile, I decided to go with doves. Abbey is such a gentle soul, I felt that doves were the way to go. I liked the way the colored stitching looked so much on these bluebirds, that I decided to do it again, but with pastel colors (pink, green and yellow since it is hard to tell from the photo). (And yes, if you go to that link and see the title, I obviously lied!). I also changed up the stitch and used a blanket stitch instead of the overcast stitch. I did not do this consciously, it just happened! I think I even like it better!

I hope you and your new baby girl enjoy your mobile and bunny, Abbey!


  1. That is adorable! We have that same print blanket for Nathan in green with brown circles. Love it! What a sweet gift!

  2. What a sweet mobile-
    I love it...
    sandy toe

  3. I *love* the mobile and the bunny! They are super cute and I love that you made them. Thank you!! Claire is having a hard time accepting the fact that the mobile is not for her. So, I told her that there is a bird for each girl in the family: one bird for Mommy, one for Claire, and one for Baby Sister. (Claire wanted the pink one to be hers!) Everyone loves it!

  4. lovely. and that mobile is uber sweet.

  5. Love how your bunny came out. Little bird mobile too! Adorable.


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