felt watch

I saw a post on a craft blog a few months ago about a felt watch for kids and thought I would make one at some point. Well that point was a few evenings ago. I have searched and searched for the post, but to no avail, so I am sorry I am not linking.
This was a very simple project, which does not even warrant detailed directions. I simply hand sewed black ric-rac on to a strip of green felt, embroidered the face of a clock on the yellow felt (with the blue behind it) and sewed the blue felt down to the watch band with invisible thread. The only part of the watch I sewed with the machine was the velcro fastener. Quick, fun and easy. I didn't even worry about getting the stitches perfect since who knows how long it will last on the arm of a busy toddler.  The hard part was getting a photo of it on my son's arm! He finally sat down on the dog's bed after snatching daddy's calculator of his desk!
This is what most of the photos looked like!

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