oh whatever to do with a spotted shirt?-make it dotted!

I bought a plain blue shirt at Target not too long ago and when I took it out of the dryer the other day it had little oil-looking stains on it. This has happened to me before. Am I the only one that thinks that liquid fabric softener leaves marks???
Anyhow I decided that an experiment was in order.
So I cut out a bunch of white circles or "dots" from another t-shirt using the bottom of a glass as a template. I used one of those markers where you spray it with water and the lines disappear like magic! I got one a few months back and have used it for loads of projects! Love it!

Then I pinned them on like so...

...in an order I found pleasing. To make the pinning a little easier (so as to not catch the back layer of fabric) I put a laminated placemat in between the fabric layers. A piece of carboard would work just as well. I happened to be watching TV in the family room while pinning this, which is next to the kitchen, so I snagged it off of the kitchen table.
And sewed three vertical lines down the middle of each line of dots. However, as you can see in the above photo, some of the dots wanted to curl up. To prevent this, on either side of each dot, I made a little tack stitch.
This is what it looked like after washing it. I knew it would crumple up a little, which it did, and one of the little tack stitches came out in the wash.  I just tacked it back in place this morning before work –which partly explains the poor photos. I was running around getting ready for work and I ran into the backyard with my socks on to take photos since I hadn't posted in a while and wanted to get a post up this evening and wanted to get the good light. (Yes, I agree, too much to do before 7:30am! My hair was still soaking wet.)
I wore it today to work but I am not so sure I like the end result. I told myself I would wear it once to "feel it out" but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Maybe it will grow on me...and maybe not....hhmmmm....
oh and please don't mind the patch of dirt in the background. We're working on landscaping this spring/summer :)


  1. I ran across your blog and saw that you have the same crazy oil spots on your clothes! It drives me crazy because we have them too! I thought our family was the only people that have them. None of my friends have them on their kids' clothes. I may have finally figured out where they come from....Chick Fil A. I think my kids drop their nuggets and hits their shirts. I just try to spray Spray N Wash on my solid shirts every time we wear them. Amy

  2. I have a solution for those pesky oil looking pots that works almost everytime. Unfortunaltely I always find the spots as I am getting ready to iron a shirt that has come out of the dryer! Uhh. Anyway, take some liquid sawn dish soap and rup it into the spot well, then launder as usual, the spots come right out :) If you have a stubborn one, you might have to treat a few times (like mine that have gone through the dryer. But they do come out. This I guess works since dish soap has something in it to fight greese :) I do love the shirt you created though. Too cute :)

  3. Thanks for the tip Suzanne! Seems like Dawn is good for lots of good things - cleaning dishes to cleaning oil off of birds. :)


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