ruffle scarf

Amazing Dana from MADE strikes again with another amazing beautiful project!!! This is the one I made yesterday and wore today for Mother's Day. I took Dana's suggestion of running down the scarf twice instead of just once.
I made this one for my mother-in-law (hope she does not see this before tomorrow when I give it to her!). It is actually my favorite! This was the best fabric I have found to make these scarves from since it is so breezy and thin, the print shows through almost equally from either side. Upon my mom's advice, I zig-zagged the edges instead of hemming them since it is so thin it is really hard to do nicely. I liked the rough-edge look a lot, actually!


  1. oh it's just darling on you!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Upload some pictures to our flickr group:

    Then I'll include it in our roundup.
    Happy Mother's Day :)

  2. Hey April, I wanted to answer your question. The shoes are a little stiff on the outside, but they were always like that. No more or less comfy than before....just cuter! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Love it! Yours looks much better than mine! :) What tension/length did you use on your machine?

  4. Hi Mindy! Thanks! I used the largest stitch (on my machine it is 5). I never adjust the tension, as I have no idea what moving it would do. I always keep it the same. What happened with yours? What type of fabric did you use?


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