i'm back!!! and ready to craft!

As stated above, we are back from vacation and very tired, but I am soooo ready to craft! We got back late last night from the East Coast and I could not wait to get back to crafting. I am not even done with the laundry and I could not get our son to nap today--or sleep last night--or pretty much any night for the past 2 weeks we've been on vacation, however tired I am though I am filled with the creative spirit.  I tried my hand at freezer paper stenciling today and the paint is upstairs drying as I type. I will try to get that post up soon. It is very fun and easy--the hard part is waiting for the paint to dry! I pray that tonight will be a kinder night to all of us and we can all get some sleep so I have energy to create!!! My project list is as long as my arm!

Please stay tuned for more projects to some!


  1. I can't wait to see what you have planned! Hope your little one sleeps well for you! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by V's giveaway. Good Luck.

    Looked through some of your blog, cute stuff. I totally want to make a sandwich holder for my almost 1st grader.



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